As noted in the 4/24 email announcing the extension of the deadline to switch from letter grade to pass/fail, the deadline to change from pass/fail to graded credit remained at 9 pm on 4/24. The intention of further extending just students’ ability to switch to pass/fail was to provide students with some protection if adverse events happened during finals (sadly, far more likely than in previous semesters), or if finals went unexpectedly given that some classes had not given remote exams until finals. The intention was not to allow students to know their final grades in all instances before deciding their grade options, thereby choosing their semester GPA. Extensions of deadlines are a matter of faculty governance; there was not support across the undergraduate schools for changing both deadlines but ultimately we were able to get the one extension approved.

You may use this form to request exceptions to certain policies. Petitions, especially those for deadline extensions, are scrutinized closely and must involve significant extenuating circumstances. If your request for an exception cites health issues, the College may direct you to consult with Disability Resources. Please note that the College cannot change or add course attributes. 

Exception petitions are reviewed every Wednesday. The College Office will notify you by email of the decision.