Undergraduate Reinstatement

To return from a regular leave of absence, please submit this form at least six weeks prior to the start of the semester.

If you are currently on a Medical Leave of Absence, you cannot use this web form. Reinstatement from Medical Leave of Absence must be requested through Student Health & Counseling Service.

To successfully submit this form:

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Personal Information
If your permanent home address has changed since you left the university please enter your new address below.
Details on Return
Supporting Documentation

Please provide a document with a brief description of your reasons for leaving Washington University. Include a list of your activities, employment, studies, and service since you left the University, and an explanation of how your time away has enhanced your readiness to return. Conclude by explaining why you wish to return to Washington University at this time and include a detailed plan of how you will complete your remaining degree requirements.

If you have been enrolled in college work while away from Washington University, you must request that an official transcript be sent directly to the dean’s office from each institution you have attended. These transcripts will strongly affect your reinstatement. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are received. Reinstatement may be rescinded if these forms are not received.

Non-WUSTL college courses may transfer as elective credit, assuming a grade of C or better.  Upon departmental approval, relevant courses may also count toward the major.  They may not satisfy general degree requirements in Arts & Sciences.

If you have difficulty, please email the document to college@wustl.edu. Make sure to include your name and Student ID in the email.

Please upload supporting documentation below. Enter your full name in the File description field and click the blue submit button to upload the files.

To successfully submit this form

  1. Be sure you have submitted files using the blue button in the section above.
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